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Meet the Circular Change Makers in Europe

Meet the Circular Change Makers in Europe

March 2019, Brussels saw the affluence of hundreds of professionals from Europe for the Circular Economy Stakeholders Conference 2019. About 350 circular economy practitioners and enablers met during two intensive days to confront their ideas and jot down the blueprint for the 2030 European Circular Agenda.

Indeed, the past 150 years of our linear economy, typically the referring modus operandi since the industrial revolution, consisted primarily in sourcing, producing, consuming, and throwing products we no longer want. The main problem is that our planet’s resources and raw material are finite and do no longer cope with our extensive consumption model. Circular Economy flips the linear model by designing out waste, keeping materials and products in active use and regenerating natural systems, therefore allowing businesses to consider growth by disconnecting it from our ecosystem's finite and limited resources.

Where Linear Economy said "Take - Make - Dispose", Circular Economy says "Reuse - Repair - Recycling".

“From Waste to Wealth.” “From Ego to Eco.” or what we like to call the ‘3W’: Win for the planet, Win for business prosperity, Win for the consumer.